App to record and report crime

2nd Generation Prototype

Sketch for screen artwork, InVision for Prototype

Witnessing a crime, especially a violent one, can be a traumatic experience. The idea is to have as few steps as possible in a stressful situation.

This app allows the user to immediately launch video and (if os and network permit) to call 911 while videoing the event. Once done, the video is uploaded to selected destinations.

Onboarding with preferences

The challenge

Early iterations showed an onboarding process would be needed. The preferences would have to set up in advance, as try to make choices while witnessing a crime has way too much cognative and emotitional load.

The user is prompted upon the first use to go through simple setup screens so the app is spring loaded to use.

Making it panic-proof

The process

Working solo with oversight from instructor allowed me to fast track through 4 iterations.

I started with key wire frames and maped them on a user flow chart. Using the app Flinto allowed me to link up the "paper" protoypes. With each iteration and insight gained by testing I was able to reduce the steps the user takes to use the video feature. I took advantage of touch screen iteractions to have an app that would deploy quickly.

I revisited the project several years later. I had a lot more UX insight and better tools.

Most interactions are on the bottom for better ergonomics. Main screen interface was especially redesigned with this in mind. Also onboarding sequence was streamlined and the uploading section was simplifed for quicker MVP.

2nd Generation UX Process & Artifacts

1st Generation UX Process & Artifacts | PDF