Leasing personal electric vehicles for the "last mile"

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Being able to transit an urban area without a car easily is the idea behind Rovr.


Rent a personal electric vehicle by the week, day or hour in conveniently located stations or arrange for peer to peer hand off.

This Startup with no a show developer

The challenge

The project had 5 weeks to establish a MVP and have a presence at the Central City Association of Los Angeles summit on urban transit. It was a hard, no-slip deadline.

At the onset, the team was hampered by a no-show developer, who never returned after the inital meeting. Due to time and workload constraints, I immeditately decided to to all UX work in Axure rather than wireframe and paper prototypes.

5 weeks to MVP.

The process

I handled the UX, built the Axure prototypes and was involved in the product development process.

The product assignment was to develop an MVP in 5 weeks to present at the Central City Association, an event that Mayor Garcetti was to speak. The team was to have a booth presence, sample vehicles to demo, and an app showing how the service would work. The 3 person team was comprised of a Product manager, Developer, UX designer and was assisted by a Rhubarb founder who jumped in where needed.

Rhubarb's product development process is a Lean version of Agile and in the first few days the team developed the value propostion, features and requirements, feature ranking, empathy map, personas for both end users and rental agents.

Since the time frame was short, I prototyped about 4 iterations in Axure and then tailored the final to meet the expections for the Event.

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