Leap Frog Irrigation

App for contolling residential irrigation

2nd Generation Prototype

Sketch for screen artwork, Invision for Prototype

1st Generation Prototype

Design Studio, Ux, Prototype


Leapfrog Systems has a tested device that will intellegently control water irrigation and will give you 10% savings of water, as is. But with the right information, the device could save as much as 30%.

The current analog interface was cumbersome and had a steep learning curve. The assignment was to create an easy to use mobile app to input this information.


This was a 2 day sprint during the Los Angeles Water hackathon

The team comprised of Product Owners, Product Mananger, Ux and Visual designers.Using a Design Studio process the team jointly developed the Personnas, Business Canvas, Empathy Maps and Pitch Deck.

The rough artifacts were translated into medium fidelity screens. These were linked up using Flinto. A few iterations allowed the team to refine the steps the user takes to control the device.

I revisited the project several years later. I had a lot more UX insight and better tools.

Onboarding sequence was streamlined, and interface for configuring zones was completely redesigned for ease of use.

2nd Generation UX Process & Artifacts

Design Studio UX Process & Artifacts