Aircraft & Cockpit Designs

Master's Thesis & other cockpit studies

Master's Thesis
Pratt Institute

Human factors, Ui, Mockup, Aircraft Design


This project was done concurringly while training for a commerical pilot license with intrument rating.

A canard planeform based on the homebuilt aircraft Velocity and designed around a small jet engine for business class aircraft being developed by Williams International. This aicarft would seat 4, and be presurrized

It is very gratifying to see an aircraft company that is actually bulding a propellor version of this pressurized wide-body cannard: The Raptor

The mockups were built from plywood and skined with styrene which was fexible enough to bend around the frame. The panel itself was built from acylic both opaque for the outside panels and clear for the visible screens. these where lined with tinted negative film inserts and lit with fluorescent lights.


The instrument panels were based on the current US miltary stardard which was the F18.HUD where not in any commercial or civian aircraft and glass cockpit where just starting to appear in newer aircraft.

Numerous Human factors studies were incorporated in the layout of the intruments and the HUDs were designed to conform with outside terain.

Aircraft & Cockpit Designs