Self-Realization Fellowship

Website for nonprofit Organization promoting Meditation

Responsive Prototype

Project Management, Web Design & Development, Art Direction, Prototype


Self-Realization Fellowship's current website is dense, information-laden and hosted on a Ektron CMS framework that launched in 2009. It was the first major collaborative site the organization put together, the prior site was developed piecemeal and had little collaboration. Some templates were added after the 2009 launch for access by mobile devices but these stopgaps are showing their age and the site has been overdue for a responsive template


I worked with web content lead and the visual designer to produce wireframes and a responsive mockup.

Reviews were through the marketing committee consisting of Web content coordiator, marketing lead, web design, visual design, and the monk in charge of SRF Publication Center. Once this group signed off each iteration it was presented to Head of Outreach.

While approval is still pending for the the responsive site, the design treatment was applied to the online bookstore.