Why I became a Product Designer and evolved into a Manager

One of my earliest memories is as a 2 year old walking up the aisle of an airliner to the cockpit and gazing up at all those dials and knobs. I was transfixed. I'm told that at that age I would stop and straighten out rugs. Early indicators of someone who enjoys solving complex problems.

Fast foward to college: I built a full-sized cockpit mock-up for my Industrial Design Master's thesis. Concurrently I earned my instrument rating and commercial pilot licence. Over the years, I've garnered extensive design experience across several disciplines: Web | Exhibit | Print | Product.

I love learning and observing how people interact with objects. And while I'm a minimalist at heart, I enjoy gadgets.

I fixate when I see a cool dashboard. I gaze lustfully at good info graphics, especially data driven, allowing me to see the big picture when it's put together like a photo mosiac. I've learned the common elements of good user-centered design across several mediums.

I listen, really listen. There's a reason why humans have 2 highly specialized ears and only 1 multi-tasking mouth. I absorb the stakeholder's concerns, align them with user expectations, then craft a user experience that will gratify and delight.

Understanding how users respond to interfaces has been a life long passion. UX and UI pull all of my innate traits, interests, and design experience together.



User Experience

Personas, Journey Maps, User Flows, Wireframes, Site maps, Mockups, Prototypes

User Interface

Expert in HTML, CSS. Familiar with Jquery, Javascript


Responsive CMS: Adobe Experience Mananger, Joomla, Ektron, Workpress


Info Graphics, Icons, Layout, Epub

User Experience means different things depending on the context.
Here's a chart to map areas of my expertise.



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